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Pergolas Shade and Beautify Your Salt Lake City Home

Whether the architecture of the Italian Renaissance inspires you or you’re trying to channel wine country in your home improvement, pergolas are an elegant option to upgrade any outdoor space. Available in many forms, pergolas are versatile outdoor structures. R & JL Siding can help you decide the design that fits your aspirations. Our contractors can handle any job, from a structure enclosing your hot tub to a pergola used for trellising in a vibrant garden. Explore our pergola ideas and get inspired to design your own!

Start with the Basics: Primary Pergola Types

While there seem to be endless options for your pergola design, most structures fall within two categories: gable pergolas and flat pergolas. Deciding which type of pergola will suit your home is the first step in customizing your outdoor space. With so many enticing options, choosing a category can help you narrow it down.

Flat pergolas: Flat pergolas are sometimes called Skillion pergolas. If you’re looking for a Skillion style, you’re in the right place. This type of pergola is the most versatile and allows for a lot of flexibility. The defining feature of flat pergolas is their relatively flat roof. While the average backyard pergola is recommended to have at least a 5-degree pitch for effective water removal, these pergolas appear to be flat, as their name suggests.

Gable pergolas: Gable pergolas are characterized by their higher, angled roofs. The rafters of a gable style pergola angle toward and meet in the center of the roof, creating a ridge. The higher roof provides a light, cool environment and allows for more airflow. Many pergola owners choose to design their gable pergola to mirror the architecture of their home, so it appears to be a seamless addition.

Both types of pergola can be designed to feature covered or uncovered roofs. Colorbond® roofing is often used to mirror the style of a home’s roof. If you are looking for a covered roof that still allows in a reasonable amount of light, you might prefer polycarbonate roofing. Both types are customizable.

Explore Your Pergola Design Options

There are many options for the structural design, outfitting, and accessorizing of any pergola. Check out our ideas for a unique pergola design. Find something you like? R & JL will work with you to tailor the project for your custom space.

The pergola with a canopy: In Salt Lake City, we are no strangers to the sun. If you’re looking for the respite of shade without the permanence of a roofed pergola, consider the canopy option. Canopies and shades are perfect for UV coverage without blocking natural light.

The shapely pergola: Most pergolas come in a rectangular shape. If you’re looking to design a unique backyard retreat, consider a U-shaped or T-shaped design. These are especially fitting if you have a pool, garden, or other outdoor space you’d like to surround.

The pergola for a private affair: Have a hot tub or jacuzzi you’d like to enclose? Add a pergola with curtains, and easily switch from day to night. Never worry about your nosy neighbors again.

The pergola that entertains: Become backyard BBQ royalty with a pergola over a floating deck. Forget the froufrou. This simple design idea will make you the talk of the neighborhood.

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