Professional Roof Repair in Salt Lake City

R & JL Siding provides roof repair work in the Salt Lake City area, where we have many years of experience dealing with everything from small patches to major fixes. We have been serving the region for three decades and offer competitively priced roofing work done by expert crews. If you’re looking for a contractor that can handle the job, contact us for help. Not only do we have years of service behind us, but we have also been named the Ivory Homes Subcontractor of the Year—which is no small honor!

There are many cases where siding work will coincide with roofing repairs, and this is absolutely no problem for our team. We use high-quality materials and professional repair crews so you get value for what you’re paying for, and we’ll let you know up front what the job will cost. We work hard to earn our customers’ trust and that means providing you with honest, transparent service every time.

Small roof repairs

Sometimes, only a minor repair may be needed for a roof, such as a patch for a hole or the replacement of a few damaged shingles. Even though these may be minor fixes, getting them addressed right away can help you avoid more serious problems down the line. Contact us immediately if you notice something is wrong with your roof or if you have a leak. We’ll take a look and let you know what we think the best approach would be in terms of fixing it.

When it comes to roof repairs, you’ll want to make sure a knowledgeable company does the work, even if it isn’t a large-scale job. Some roof repairs may look like an easy fix, but then uncover a host of other issues once you investigate a little deeper. For example, a simple roof leak may not be easy to trace to the source, and can involve damage to other roof layers, as well. As a professional company, we are able to troubleshoot, find, and fix these types of issues and more.

Large-scale roof repairs

Sometimes your roof may need more than just a quick fix. If you have had an area of your roof collapse, or you have had a leak for some time that impacted surrounding materials, you may require more extensive work. R & JL Siding can do large-scale roof repairs, too! With all the siding we install, we often come across sections of roofing that are just not up to the task of protecting the building. We can roll that into our job—and at an affordable price, since we’re there doing work anyway.

If any part of your roof needs fixing, contact our office to inquire about getting an estimate. We’ll send a contractor out to the site to evaluate your roof and see what needs to be done. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at a convenient time for your schedule.

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